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International Ministry: We financially sponsor and continually pray for Dr. Chris Hena from Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia. We have supported Chris for many years and 6 years ago when she felt the call to go back to her home country to set up a medical clinic we went along. From the early beginnings of an outdoor folding table and limited supplies, the clinic has grown to a 20 room building with beds for overnight stays as well as many additional small clinics around the region. Praise God for all Chris does for Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia.

We also have a partnership with Wings over the Congo a mission venture formed by Rukang Chikomb an airplane pilot and missionary with a heart for all those unable to receive medical care because of the desolate areas they call home. Rukang is not only the pilot but also the mechanic, and Triage Nurse. His duties don’t stop there as he is also responsible for fund raising to pay for gas, medicine and normal repairs. They have great hopes that God will provide them with an additional plane and equipment so expansion can take place and more lives can be saved.

If you would like to join us in either of these adventures into the world’s mission fields please contact us by email at church@fumcazle.org
Prison Ministry: The ladies have joined together to bake cookies to take to prisons in our area. Cookies must be to exacting measurements so each cookie is measured to see if it will meet those requirements after they are baked. Many don’t make the cut and are given to the youth as part of their dessert for the evening. Many however do make the cut and are hand delivered to the prisons with love. It can’t be all work as you can hear them laughing and enjoying themselves in the kitchen as they bake.
Local Ministry: It was cold and rainy as your Mission team joined with Servolution, Home Depot, and Extreme Lawn Care to work on a Good Neighbors Blitz. We had house # 3, a Veteran needing help with a bathroom, leaking roof, and new gutters. A landing and ramp was needed that would allow him to get to his storage shed. He also needed extensive limb and tree removal. As you can see volunteers of all ages came to help.
Ministry partnerships: We have partnered with Azle Ministerial Alliance (AMA) a group of local pastors and church leaders from all denominations in an effort to spread the word and love of Jesus throughout our community. Currently we organize and participate in the following events.
Follow the Flag is our tribute to God at a 4th of July celebration. Between 5 and 6 thousand people from all around Azle come to enjoy Christian Music and fireworks. Adding to all this excitement we hand out over 3000 hotdogs, 500 bags of popcorn, 1500 sticks of cotton candy, 2500 bottles of water, free cups of sweet tea, coffee and chipped ice cones all free to the community. Come and enjoy this event with your friends and family.
Azle Lake Run gathers together runners from all over the state and beyond. There are runs and walks for all levels with prizes and awards for all. Water tables are manned by the local churches and runners are cheered on as they pass with words of encouragement. Proceeds from this event are donated to the Community Care Center and Eagle Mountain Pregnancy Help Center.