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Details for Phase 1

Attending Church

  • Maximum attendance at each worship service will be 50%.
  • Everyone will observe social distancing and masks will be worn inside the buildings. The pastor and those leading worship do not need to wear a mask while they are leading worship.
  • Everyone will enter the building through the Main Entrance (atrium) and exit as directed.
  • Those over 65 or with compromised immune systems may want to utilize online worship.
  • Families should sit in groups and distancing used in the sanctuary and HUB. Chairs will be arranged to facilitate distancing.
  • We encourage the use of hand sanitizer as needed.
  • If you have attended church within 14 days of being diagnosed with, or suspected of having COVID-19, you or your designee must contact the church office immediately and give the date and time of your attendance. Once this information is receive a notice will be published on Realm recommending that all who were present on that date should contact their doctor immediately. The name of the person who is ill will not be disclosed.
  • Furniture in the upper and lower atrium will be arranged for better people flow.

Changes to Worship

  • We will remove Bibles, Hymnals, and all other paper items at this time.
  • No bulletins will be used and no offering plates will be passed. A basket for offerings will be available in the sanctuary and HUB.
  • No coffee or snacks allowed at this time.
  • Restrooms will be open but please ensure social distancing - no grouping in the restrooms.

Church Office and Staff

  • The church offices will remain on the current schedule and will be manned only by church staff.
  • Any staff person who does not feel ready to be in a larger group does not need to be at church.