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Adult Sunday Schools offered at 9:45 a.m:

Adventurers Class meets in the Conference Room and is currently studying The Acts of the Apostles. The class consists of a wide age range of adults who share a desire to grow in their knowledge and relationship of God and is facilitated by Ricki Gooch.
Becomer's Class meets in The Parlor and is a group of senior men and women who share a love of God, each other, and this church. The class is studying The Book of Mark and is facilitated by Sue Wall.
Breakfast Club meets in the Family Life Center and is an In-depth study of the Bible and the Prophets for all adults; currently studying about Joseph in The Book of Genesis and is facilitated by Santo Forte.
Scripture Seekers meets in room 110 and offers an in-depth study of the Bible for adults. The class is currently studying The Book of Daniel and is facilitated by Jon Searfoss.
The Questors meets in room 111 and includes discussions of the Bible and shared ideas; currently studying a video series, The Great Courses – Old Testament by Dr. Jill Levine and is facilitated by Bill Collins
The Renegades meet in the Upper Atrium. This small group uses different Bible versions and references to research to openly discuss their lesson. They are currently studying The Acts of the Apostles and is facilitated by Sharla Bursey.
Upper Room, located in Room 113, is an adult class made up of both singles and couples who are involved in the lives of both their church and family. They are currently studying Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby; facilitated by Lisa Mahlmann.

Adult Sunday School offered at 11:00 a.m:

Reflections meets in room 113 and is currently discussing the sermon of the day and its supporting Scriptures, facilitated by Cherree Cassidy. The class consists of a wide age-range of adults who share a desire to further their theological and Biblical understandings as they grow in faith. This is a great option for adults who worship at the Bridge.